Tips for advertising your job

Care Vacancy assists you with all aspects of your advertising campaign, and includes helping you with your advert wording and layout, posting your jobs, receiving applications on your behalf and forwarding you candidate CV's daily. Candidates can search and apply for your vacancies with ease. Below are a few easy to follow tips and points to remember when placing an advert on Care Vacancy, to gain full potential from your post:

When looking for a job, candidates will search using the following criteria

  • Where the job is?
  • What kind of job?
  • How much the job is paying?
  • Who is advertising the job?


One of the most important factors to a candidate looking for a new role is location. This is a major factor to consider when posting a new vacancy. If a job seeker searches for a job in Salisbury, Care Vacancy will list all jobs within close proximity of that area. It is vital to ensure that the location of the vacancy is clearly displayed. If you have several vacancies to fill in different locations, we suggest you post an advert for each vacancy in order to gain the greatest response. Domiciliary care is an example of when this method works, as local people are heavily relied on for these roles. Care Vacancy needs your location in two ways: The postcode used to look up the location and a place name which is displayed to job seekers.

What kind of Job?

Care Vacancy only specialises in the Health, Social Care and Medical sectors.

How much does the job pay?

The majority of candidates who are looking for a new job want to know how much they will earn. Let’s be honest, that’s why most of us go to work. Here at Care Vacancy, we firmly believe that you should advertise your pay rates or salary and benefits etc. Transparency and important information such as earning potential are vital when trying to sell a vacancy and attract the most suitable candidates. As well as stating a salary, you can choose a salary range - for example £7.50 to £9.00 per hour. You can also choose whether the salary is per hour, day, week, month or year.

Who is advertising the job?

Candidates usually want to know who they are applying to, so your company name should be clearly displayed on your advert. We strongly suggest that you compliment this by uploading your company logo which will be displayed on your jobs on our website. You can also take advantage of being one of our featured clients which means your company logo will display on the front page of our website linked to your company profile for extra exposure

The advert content

A job advert is an advert.

The idea of placing a job advert is to attract the most suitable candidates to fill your vacancy. We suggest that you don’t simply copy and paste a long complicated job specification. An advert should be inviting, appealing, enjoyable to read and should encourage candidates to apply with a passion to work for you.

Include as much content about what duties the vacancy involves, skills and experience you can offer to the candidate. Listing policies, procedures and person specifications could put people off? Don’t forget that your advert is your chance to sell your vacancy to great candidates

As well as the job description itself, you can add extra information such as employee benefits.